Arise and Awake.

"When the power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace" -Jimi Hendrix The world could witness the tension between India and Pakistan. But, this cold war is going between these two countries for decades and yet no solution has bern made by bilateral talks. The terror attacks in India for [...]


First time as a leader

Hi readers, I come from an engineering background. Each year was spent along with textbooks, semesters, practicals, studies and fun activities. But, the pre- final year had got something different. Our college decided to organize Symposium. Well, Symposium is a like a meet where students from various colleges share their ideas and participate in technical [...]

The old you

Father, Daddy ,Appa, Achan is how the world calls their beloved male leader of their family. Even though the breadwinner has multiple names, the bond which he shares with the family is infinite. In some families, father's plays the role of both dad and mom which is strenuous. He does the household chores and rushes [...]

The old me

The agony of my pain melts me, Each day is a battle within myself, A battle to win the old me, It's a tiring journey of ups and downs, Scars which can be seen, emotions which are numb, difficult to understand, Depression eats me like a hungry human, I wish I could come out of [...]

I’m back home

I read a article today about the prisoners detained in foreign nations. There is a law where prisoners could be exchanged between nations as a part of humanity. This law cane into force in India by 2004. There are prisoners from India in other nations(U.K, U.S.A, Nepal, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France) and they need [...]